We have a deeply human story of a truly extraordinary human. Catherine Coulson made magic on stage, screen, behind the camera and in the lives of family, friends, fans, colleagues and even a congregation. 
I've been lucky to have written, directed, acted and produced on stage, screen and TV.  I've sung my songs on radio and in a lot of cool clubs.  I’ve made my living in all these different media because of one specific talent – storytelling. Each gig requires different skills and I’ve worked hard to master some of them. The skills all share one thing – they help us tell stories about people and the things people care about.


Every artist develops what skills they need to do their work.  Many do it across multiple disciplines. David Lynch is a painter, actor, musician, furniture maker and of course a world renown filmmaker.


Catherine Coulson did it too and she did more than most of us in her work and her life. Not only was she an international cult icon as the Log Lady, a world class stage actress, sought after camera assistant and producer, but using her special ability to connect to people, she was a community and spiritual leader, close friend to many, and a mother to one whom she cared for more than life itself! 


I met Catherine when I was 20. She was 30, married, learning to ropes behind the camera and already a trained, academically credentialed theater professional. In "I Know Catherine, The Log Lady", you will hear from many of her friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who felt deeply loved and cared for by her. 


I knew Catherine a long time. She introduced me to David Lynch, helped produce our film about Jack Nance, "David Lynch Presents: I Don't Know Jack", and helped get me cast in Mulholland Drive. We were like cousins in a big theatrical family, not close but in occasional contact. It is that distance that I believe has allowed me to recognize the different “groves” of people in Catherine's world. It has allowed me “to see forest for the trees” in her unique life and appreciate her as whole, complex, fascinating and very entertaining human being. To my mind she is an unsung hero of kindness, passion, collaboration, and the art of living and dying well.   


We have collected a colorful cast of characters, including David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, Mark Frost, Kimmy Robertson, Michael Horse, Charlotte Stewart, Grace Zabriskie, Mindy Alper, Robert Shenkkan, Bill Rauch, Nick Meyer, Harry Nilsson, Kenny Loggins and many more, to tell the deeply human story of Catherine E. Coulson because the show must go on...


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