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 We have a deeply human story of a truly extraordinary human. Catherine Coulson made magic on stage, screen, behind the camera and in the lives of family, friends, fans, colleagues and even a congregation. 
Catherine Coulson was an international cult icon as the Log Lady on TV, a world class actress on STAGE, a sought after camera person and producer in FILM, a dedicated mother and a beloved community leader in the arts, religion and in conscious living of LIFE.


I met Catherine when I was 20. She was married, helping David Lynch make Eraserhead, learning to ropes behind the camera and already an experienced, credentialed theater professional.   She introduced me to David, helped us produce our film "David Lynch Presents: I Don't Know Jack", and she assisted in getting me cast in Mulholland Drive. We were like cousins in a big theatrical family, not close but in occasional contact. 


It is that distance that I believe has allowed me to recognize the different “groves” of people in Catherine's world. It has allowed me “to see forest for the trees” in her unique life and appreciate her asa  whole, complex, fascinating, entertaining human being who had a tremendous impact on the lives of many. To my mind she is an unsung hero of collaboration, inspiration, kindness and the art of living and dying well.   


In "I Know Catherine, The Log Lady", you will hear from many of her friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who felt deeply loved and cared for by her.  You will hear an amazing tale of toughness, kindness, goofiness and determination to live fully and create to the last moment of life.


You will see her perform in some of her most moving roles and through the eyes of those she moved.


We have collected a colorful cast of characters, including David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, Mark Frost, Kimmy Robertson, Michael Horse, Charlotte Stewart, Grace Zabriskie, Mindy Alper, Robert Shenkkan, Bill Rauch, Nick Meyer, Harry Nilsson, Kenny Loggins, Eva Ein, Timi Near, Jenny Sullivan and many more, to tell the deeply human story of Catherine E. Coulson…


 Because the show must go on...


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